Product information "Favero Assioma DUO | Dual-Power"

The new Assioma DUO power meter is on the market. Favero offers the athletes even more features with the new pedal power meter Assioma. The performance is still measured where the athlete transfers the power to the bike.


The installation of the Assioma DUO power meter can be compared with a pedal change. You do not need a special tool to mount the Assioma to your bike. The assembly is very easy. If you still have questions about the installation, you will find an assembly- and operating manual in the box.

Bluetooth and ANT + connection

A new feature of the Assioma DUO power meter is, that it no longer has only the ANT + technology. Now you can also connect the power meter via Bluetooth to your computer or smartphone (iOS and Android). So you have several ways to connect your Assioma to a device.

Measuring technology

As with the predecessor model bePRO, the Assioma DUO power meter also has a round sensor on each pedal. The Assioma DUO is a dual sided power meter, which measures the right and the left side. This allows you to have your right and left measured values displayed separately on your bike computer or smartphone. Another advantage of the Assioma DUO is, that you can determine a possible imbalance. A dual sided power meter allows you to train more specifically and more precisely.


The Assioma DUO power meter convinces with its measuring accuracy. The measurement accuracy is optimal for on-road applications and is ready for use at any temperature between -10 -an +60 degrees. The measuring accuracy is +/- 1%.

Robustness, waterproof and weight

The Assioma is convincing with its robustness, stability and weight. The Assioma DUO weighs only 149.5 grams (with battery) per pedal. So the Assioma Duo power meter is the lightest and most compact pedal-based power meter right now. The power sensors are protected in a bi-component resin block, extremely resistant to shocks and fully waterproof.

Rechargeable and Sustainable

Another new feature is that the Assioma power meter has a rechargeable battery. This makes it the first pedal-based power meter with integrated batteries. Once the Assioma has been charged, you can travel for at least 50 hours with the Assioma power meter. Because of the 2 meter long USB cable, you do not even have to dismount the power meter. You can charge it directly at the bike. The charging cable has a magnetic power connection.

Buy Favero Assioma

You are thinking about buying a Favero Assioma power meter, but you do not have enough information and reviews? We have a review for the Favero Assioma power meter. In our test report and blog contributions, you will get a lot of information about the Favero Assioma power meter. You can also have a personal consultation with our support.

The Favero Assioma is also available in a one-sided version (Assioma UNO).


  • Power sensor position: on both pedals
  • L/R power balance: double-sided power data, based on individual power measurements, not estimates
  • Cadence sensor: included, inbuilt
  • Total weight per pedal: 149,5 g (battery included)
  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery life: at least 50 hours
  • Radio communication: Bluetooth v4.0, ANT+ PWR profile (CT + PO)
  • Accuracy power measurement: ± 2%
  • Temperature compensation: -10°C / +60°C
  • Water resistance degree: IP67
  • Q-factor: 54mm
  • Hardware upgrade: Assioma UNO to Assioma DUO
  • Firmware updates: Via Bluetooth with Favero Assioma App
  • Compatible cleats: Original LOOK Kéo and Favero cleats (red and black)
  • Bike type: racing/road
  • Warranty: 2 years

Assioma DUO package:

  • Left pedal with power sensor
  • Right pedal with power sensor
  • Battery charger including plugs (EU, US, UK, AU)
  • 2 two-meter long micro-USB/USB cables with magnetic connectors
  • 2 red cleats float 6° (LOOK Kéo compatible)
  • 1 hex key and 4 washers for the installation
  • User manual