Scorpion Smartseal 1 Lt.

Pirelli’s Scorpion SmartSeal prevents and repairs breakdowns.


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The new yellow sealing milk is ideal for sealing tubeless ready tires and rims. The sealant is free of ammonia and latex – protects the rim and reduces corrosion. Pirelli recommends adding fresh sealant every 3-6 months for effective protection.

Recommended amount per tire:

– 2.2″ impeller = 100 ml
– 2.4″ impeller = 120 ml
– 2.6″ impeller = 140 ml

Technical specifications:

Sealing: not specified
Compatibility: with most common tire and rim combinations
Tire/rim compatibility: without restrictions
Residence time in the tire: refill fresh sealant every 3-6 months
Minimum filling quantity per tire: at least 100 ml
Temperature range: -20°C/68°F to 70°C/158°F
Miscibility: not specified
Content: 1000 ml

Weight according to the manufacturer: kA
Weight weighed: –

Scope of delivery: 1x sealant PIRELLI Scorpion SmartSeal | 1000ml

Note: CO2 accelerates clotting, so the sealant must be renewed afterwards.