Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B+ (in stock)

The Elite Qubo Power Smart B+ is a particularly quiet turbo trainer with a magnetic resistance unit that offers a pleasantly realistic workout at eight power levels. It is compatible with wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inches.


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Product Features – Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B+
  • Integrated ANT™+ and Bluetooth Smart speed/power/cadence sensor
  • Automatic resistance level data reading
  • Speed/cadence/power data are shared with other compatible ANT™+ and Bluetooth Smart devices and apps
  • High output magnetic resistance unit with sequential 8-level selector: the same used by World Tour teams
  • Compatible with:
    • Road bikes with 20”-29” wheels
    • Mountain bikes with 20”-29” wheels
  • High power output:
    • 370 Watt at 20 km/h
    • 900 Watt at 40 km/h
    • 1420 Watt at 60 km/h
Smarter Training:
the Resistance unit wirelessly sends speed/power/cadence data via both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart transmission protocols making it easier to connect to smartphones, tablets, cycle computers and apps with one or both protocols
iOS and Android compatible:
the resistance unit connects to iPad and Android:
  • iPad 3 and higher
  • iPhone 4S and higher
  • iPod Touch 5 gen and higher
  • Android 4.3 and Bluetooth Smart Ready
Cycle-computer compatible:
all the current cycle-computers with wireless ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart protocols can be paired with the hometrainer and their training session data viewed.
Power Mag Technology:
magnetic resistance unit with 8 levels of resistance controlled from the handlebar mount sequential shifter. Offers a very wide range of power, ensuring any type of training from agility high cadence (level 1) to power training even at low speeds (level 8).
Elastogel Roller:
30mm diameter Elastogel Roller, which reduces noise by 50%, tyre consumption by 20% and increases tyre grip.
Qubo frame:
the cutting-edge design combines the strength of steel with the hi-tech benefits of modern plastics. Includes the exclusive Crono Compass System which realistically simulates road riding (weight/power).
Safe and stable:
stability has been considerably improved compared to previous versions, thanks to a wider resting surface and to the optimization of the bicycle+rider center-of-mass in relation to the frame. This offers safe training conditions even at high speeds or under maximum effort.
Full compatibility with bicycles:
the new frame model has been designed to ensure full compatibility with the most modernbicycles available on the market, and it can be adapted to all types of wheels with diameters between 20” and 29”.
Fast Fixing System:
a fast fixing mechanism for frame clamping onto the bicycle. By acting on a handy lever, it is possible to clamp or release the bicycle just with one operation. During the first use of the frame the fixing pin must be adjusted in order to ensure correct functioning of the fast fixing mechanism. All operations are carried out on one side only, making them easy and fast.